Streamline communication

Given the emotional distress a patient might be experiencing during a medical appointment, it’s likely that much of the information shared by the physician could potentially be forgotten or misinterpreted, especially, when patients are reporting details of their visit with family members or caregivers. Medical Memory gives patients the comfort of knowing that there is an accurate record of treatment plans and diagnosis that can be securely accessed at anytime.


Decrease medical
malpractice risk

A majority of medical malpractice lawsuits are “he-said-she-said” accusations. Medical Memory decreases this risk with a video recording of what the doctor said rather than an interpretation. Physicians are assured of secure, HIPAA-compliant recordings that they control.


Evolve your facility

Medical Memory is a simple, seamless embrace of the future of healthcare. Medical video recordings facilitate shared decision-making between physicians and their patients, improve patient compliance and result in 98 percent patient satisfaction ratings. EMR integration allows videos and transcripts to be included in patients’ medical records.


Secure video sharing

Medical Memory is a secure communication platform controlled by the provider. Videos of the office visits are accessed through Medical Memory’s website through a password-protected portal. The videos are not available for download and cannot be edited for the protection of the provider and the patient.


Improve patient satisfaction

More than 1,000 patients who have used Medical Memory report a 98 percent satisfaction rating. They cite better communication with their providers, more confidence in their understanding of their diagnoses and treatment plans and the comfort of being able to share the actual office visits with their families and friends.

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