How it works


Patient participation

Physicians offer Medical Memory as an optional benefit to their patients. Upon patients’ consent, providers use the mobile tablets to video record the appointments. The tablet can be stationary or physicians can move it to highlight specific details on X-rays, models and scans.


Easy online access

Video recordings of office visits are made available to patients through a secure and password-protected portal on Medical Memory’s website. Providers are able to add additional notes to the videos after the consultations to provide their patients with further information and insights.


Secure and

Providers control videos captured during office visits. The videos are not available for download and they are unable to be edited for the protection of the providers and the patients.


Watch & share

Patients can watch their recorded office visits as often as they chose in their homes. Patients can also securely share videos with family members and loved ones who are unable to be present for doctor visits.


EMR integration

EMR integration allows videos and transcripts of doctor/patient interactions to be added to patients’ medical histories. Medical Memory gives patients the comfort of knowing that there is a secure accurate record of treatment plans and diagnoses that they can access anytime. Medical Memory reduces the time providers and their staffs spend answering questions and clarifying information from patients and their loved ones.

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