“Healthcare is a human business and Medical Memory provides support and clarity to patients navigating
complex health issues.” —Lucas Felt, President of Medical Memory

Medical Memory

What is Medical Memory?

Medical Memory is a video patient engagement (VPE) solution for private physicians to securely record patient conversations for subsequent review by physician or patient. The simple-to-use video technology is HIPAA-compliant and can be licensed for use on any smartphone.

Solution Benefits

• Increase patient comprehension

• Improve patient satisfaction, trust

• Reduce malpractice exposure

• Minimum set-up

• Affordable subscription model

How to Subscribe? Very simple.

• Fill out the form shown

• Submit

• Look for an email on your mobile device

• Download the application from your mobile device

• You will receive a call from our team to get started!

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Discharge Recordings Drive Positive Patient Satisfaction

The point of discharge leaves patients with overwhelming instructions, todos and followups, as well as key information on how to stay healthy. Medical Memory ensures that patients have the tools for the most positive outcomes. Patients also leave more satisfied with their care, and may prevent readmission armed with a video of everything that was said. Whether discharged from emergency care, outpatient surgery or a skilled nursing facility, Medical Memory drives patient satisfaction and helps keep patient populations healthy.

  • How it works

    Medical Memory is a HIPAA-compliant, secure video recording service operated by physicians to more effectively treat patients. Patients can access their recorded office visits any time and share them with family and friends.

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  • Benefits

    Medical Memory provides participating patients 24/7 video access to their doctor visits. Patients can review and share diagnoses and treatment plans at their convenience resulting in better compliance and confident decision making.

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  • Testimonials

    Hear what patients and providers have to say about the impact Medical Memory has had in their lives. More than 1,000 patients report a 98 percent satisfaction rate using Medical Memory.

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