Professional Development / Performance Coaching

Our Performance Coaches help improve patient communication, can help improve culture throughout your practice, as well as improve offices flow and processes. In doing so our Performance Practices have proven success increasing case acceptance minimizing appointment inefficiencies and improve practice culture processes.

4 reasons to collaborate with our
expert performance coaches

  • Elevate

    Reviewing The Medical Memory Videos our skilled Performance Coaches, are able to identify and guide physicians, nurses, and medical assistants to be effective in their patient communication. Understand nuances of communication that are not only effective with patients, but also effective in handing off the patient amongst practitioners

  • Understand your team’s
    strengths and weaknesses

    Leverage the strengths of your communication process in order to create a comfortable environment for your patients. Learn ideas to take your staff to the next level to increase empathy, credibility and minimize the perception of risk. Optimize the opportunity for the patient to feel confident in their choice as practitioner without needing to seek multiple opinions.

  • Advance your practice

    The Medical Memory allows for an inside look at your practice interactions. We have created a Performance Assessment Tool that allows us to evaluate and strengthen communication and practice processes. Evaluating live patient videos will gain your practice priceless insights into interpersonal communication skills and optimizing appointment processes.

  • Refine appointment flow

    Our Performance Assessments and 1-1 Coaching sessions are able to provide physicians with a customized and concise checklist to optimize the appointment process and allows doctors be more efficient and effective throughout their appointment. Minimize repetition, bottlenecks and gaps throughout the appointment. Our studies reveal a 20-35% reduction in appointment times after a doctor has been effectively coached in communication.

  • How it works

    Medical Memory is a HIPAA-compliant, secure video recording service operated by physicians to more effectively treat patients. Patients can access their recorded office visits any time and share them with family and friends.

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  • Benefits

    Medical Memory provides 24/7 video access to participating patients. Patients can review and share treatment plans and diagnosis at their convenience resulting in better care and confident decision making.

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  • Testimonials

    Hear what patients and providers have to say about the impact Medical Memory has had in their lives. More than 1,000 patients report a 98 percent satisfaction rate using Medical Memory.

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