Give your patients the time you don't have.


Video record the important details of a patient visit and upload sessions to a secure web portal for patient viewing and sharing.


Deliver recorded discharge instructions to improve patient compliance and reduce readmissions and unnecessary follow-up phone calls.


Send one-way video messages while rounding or to deliver pre/post-operative care instructions, family updates and case reviews to patients and their continuum of care.


Create your own stock video library and save time in clinic with prerecorded videos for enhanced consents, surgery logistics, conflicts of interest and more.


Video record patient consultations

Increase Patient Satisfaction.

+ Capture valuable medical information exchanged during a patient consultation

+ Highlight specific details on X-rays, models and scans that will provide patients with all of the important details they need to know about their medical condition or an upcoming procedure

+ Give patients access to video recordings of office visits through a secure and password-protected portal where they can review their video and share with loved ones

+ Add additional notes to videos after consultations to provide patients with further information and reduce unnecessary follow-up phone calls


Capture discharge instructions once and avoid repeating yourself

Improve Compliance.

+ Reduce patients’ confusion and fear by providing them 24/7 access to recordings of their treatment plans so that they can review at any time

+ Ensure patients have the best possible tools to understand their treatment plan and significantly improve outcomes

+ Improve workflow efficiencies for you and your staff

+ Decrease the number of repetitive questions fielded–our subscribers report a 25% decrease in patient calls and a 98% patient satisfaction rating


Send one-way video messages to streamline communication

Streamline Communication.

+ Deliver family updates, pre and post-operative care instructions, case reviews and more

+ Sign up for a month-to-month subscription and start recording in minutes

+ Add patients to your queue and record multiple patients in a row, all from your phone



Create a stock video library with pre-recorded videos

Mitigate Risk.

+ Create pre-recorded consent videos that confirm the correct patient information was delivered the first time

+ Review disclosures and conflicts of interest with easily digestible animated videos to ensure patients have the most extensive possible understanding of complications associated with their procedure

+ Ease patients’ anxiety by delivering helpful information about your facility, staff and any other information they should consider before an upcoming procedure or treatment

+ Re-engage your patients post-procedure by sending a personalized video message

Transform Your Practice Today.