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“When you’re going through a life changing event, the number one thing that patients share is just how overwhelming that experience is. When patients have access to the video, they understand what’s going on with them. They understand what their choices are.”

—Lucas Felt, President & CEO of Medical Memory

“What I have is not common. It was nice to be able to capture it and...share it with others.”

—Mark G.

“If every stage of the medical journey could be handled with something as gentle and as thorough as the Medical Memory, I think it would make the medical profession itself so much easier to deal with; for the provider as well as the patient... An actual personal documentation of my consultation, it’s priceless.”

—Theresa H.

“There’s no way that you can remember everything that happens in a forty five minute meeting with a doctor. Especially when you’re talking about something as serious as a potential brain surgery.”

—Andi M.

“In the past, doctors have rattled off medical terminology so fast...and you’re sitting there not knowing what they’re saying. Now with Medical Memory, there’s no question. I don’t think once I’ve had to call back.”

—Sarah S.
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