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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Medical Memory is a secure application with a 2-Factor identification for login with a 256 bit encryption.  Our technology has been vetted by many predominant healthcare systems and teaching hospitals.

Patients who have video access to their clinical consultations have a tool to reference for any questions about their current health challenge.  Because of this, patients are less likely to call back in with questions about their care.

We partner with medical professional liability companies that support their clients recording interactions with practices.  Not only does this take away the question of ‘he said, she said’ but shows a provider is doing all they can to best support and educate their patients.

Patients are able to video record their clinical visits, rehab appointments or any other important medical conversations.  Providers offer this tool to their patients in their office.  If you are working with a Medical Memory provider, they can record your clinical visit or send you other content relative to your care.  Both the patient and the provider get copies of the visit.

Everyday, someone experiences healthcare in way they weren’t expecting.  Clinical visits can be filled with extensive medical language.  Combine that with high stress and emotion, and often patients go blank during these important conversations.   With Medical Memory, patients are able to review and rewatch these important details, and can share these videos with their continuum of care.  Especially when a loved one lives elsewhere, our tool helps all patients and family to support one another, but all having access to these vital details.

Patients can share the video with friends, family, or other doctors.  You can share these one video at a time or go to ‘My Sharing’ and share all your Medical Memory videos.  This is incredibly helpful if you are going in to surgery so that the provider can communicate with your loved ones with a personal video message.