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Record Emergency and Record Discharge Instructions for your Patients

WHY TOP Doctors Use Video
in ER and Discharge


Minimize Patient Readmissions

Clear Understanding of Care


Save Time

Leveraging Stock Videos to Educate Patients


Ensure Bed to Med Conversations are Effective for taking Medication and Patient Adherence

Reduce Readmissions by Recording your Emergency and Discharge Instructions

Want to Learn More?

What Videos Are Available for ER

How to Create My Own Videos

Implementation Guidelines for Staff

White Paper and Data Support for ER


Patients can download Medical Memory in the Emergency Room and Record their Doctor Instructions and ER Discharge Instructions


Patient or Family Downloads Medical Memory.

Recieve Immediate Information from your ER about their Care.

Patients can review important the important recorded information from their provider and care team


For the treatments doctors see most often, patients can watch and share their instrucitons and diagnosis.  

Provider isn't repeating and able to ensure patient understands before leaving

Patients that have access to video recordings of their clinical instructions score higher on HCAHPS and have higher patient experience


Any custom or additional information can be recorded by the physician or nurse team. 

What Should We Record?

Best Practice Tip! 

Our team can help you create an easy script or checklist for your team to follow on every recorded video.  

Script used by hosptials when video recording discharge

Creating your own ER Content

Record Live Patient Videos and Record Live Patient Instructions to Say the Instructions Once and Not Repeat

Record Videos Live to share with multiple patients

Use PowerPoint to talk over your medical presentations and uplaod them to your Medical Memory portal to share with Patients

Upload Powerpoints with voiceover or other Videos via Medical Memory

Record Informed Consent or Conflict of Interest Videos and Upload them to your Medical Memory Portal to Mitigate Malpractice

Upload consent or disclosure videos

Create Informative Medical Instructions Customized for Patients

Write a script and work with our team to make Animated WhiteBoards?

Discuss using one of our Libraries

Examples Available Include:​

  • Abdominal Pain 

  • Abcess

  • Asthma

  • Back Pain

  • Chest Pain 


  • Fever without a Source

  • Health Laceration 

  • Migraine

  • Nonspecific Chest Pain

  • Suicidal Ideations

  • Syncope

  • URI

  • UTI

  • Vertigo

Emergency Room

Emergency Room

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