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Surgery and Video Informed Consent 

Mitigate Risk With Video


Cover all Risks Benefits and Alternatives for Surgery via Video


Mitigate Malpractice Risk by ensuring all information is covered


Stop Repeating

Save Time

Say it Once

Mitigate Malpractice Risk using Videos of Informed Consent, Conflict of Interests and More.  Recording Patient and Recording Doctor Instructions takes away the 'He Said, She Said'

How Can Video Mitigate Risk?

Download our white paper for how video can remove the 'he said/she said' to mitigating risk.

Surgery Use Case

Ensure your practice covers all the conflicts of interest of their surgeons to mitigate medical malpractice challenges and protects providers

Conflicts of Interest

When you record live with your patient it mitigates malractice and takes away the 'He said, she said' and protects providers

Record Live

Mitigate Malpractice by Creating Pre-Recorded Surgical Inform Videos that Cover Surgical Risks Benefits and Alternatives.


Surgical Videos

Creating your own Surgical Content

Use Medical Memory to record important instructions to your patients including the informed consents and preop or postop surgical instructions.  Patient can watch and share this information with family

Record Videos Live to share with multiple patients

Use powerpoints you have to turn into videos and upload on Medical Memory to send and track to patients to mitigate risk and protect your providers.

Upload Powerpoints with voiceover or other Videos via Medical Memory

Ensure that patients understand the conflicts of interest for providers that have ties to the industry.  Ensure you are mitigating risk and tracking consent

Upload consent or disclosure videos

Write scripts of the surgeries your doctors provide most often and send to multiple patients covering the risks, benefits and alternatives of surgery

Write a script and work with our team to make Animated WhiteBoards?

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