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Use Video with Therapy and Rehab

Record Physical Therapy and Record Occupational Therapy and Record Rehab Instructions for Patients to Track Progress and Revisit at Home
Barrow Neurological Institute Leads the Way in Rehab Recording Patients

Leveraging Video with Rehab


Allow patients to access their rehab exercise videos for better home care


Show patients video examples of what to do, and how relates with their body.


Show progress and growth for patients to see how far they've come. 

Leading the Way in Rehabilitation

Download our rehab newsletter from ond of our biggest partners in Rehab.

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Rehab and Therapy

Increase Patient Education by Recording Live Rehab and OT Patient Videos

Record Rehab, or Physical Therapy 

Record and Upload Patient Rehab Instructions and Record Post Operative Surgical instructions you send to multiple patients.  Stop repeating yourself to patients by recording and saying it once.

Create Post-Op Instruction Videos for your Patients

Record Occupational and Record Rehab Instructions for Parents and Families to access and help practice at home

OT and Videos to help training at home.

Our Clients Say

"The ability to record sessions allows us to document exercise programs, meetings, and caregiver education/training in a much more useful way for patients and their families."

Maura Rhodes

Speech-Language Pathologist

Center for Transitional Neuro-Rehabilitation

Barrow Neurological Institute uses The Medical Memory to Video Record Patient Visits
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