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Inpatient and Shift Updates

Click below use cases to see how Medical Memory Recording is helping support families, saving nurses time, and improving patient experience.  

Record Rounds for NICU to send patients videos of their NICU baby and record NICU updates

How to use Video in NICU


Create Pre-Recorded Educational Videos for Mom.


Nurses can record LIVE videos training Mom on HER Baby


Record patient updates during nightly shift changes

Create videos to send to new mom or new parent patients.  Record NICU and rounding information for parents.  Increase HCAHPS

Want to Learn More?

What Videos Are Available for NICU

How to Create My Own Videos

Implementation Guidelines for Staff

White Paper and Data Support for NICU

Record video instructions for parents and record baby videos to share with mom and dad and record NICU babies and NICU Videos

Creating your own NICU Videos

Record NICU Updates during Round for Mom to rewatch and Share

Record Videos Live to share with multiple patients

Record over your PowerPoint Medical Videos to Educate your Mom and Baby or NICU Family

Upload Powerpoints with voiceover or other Videos via Medical Memory

Create Informed Consent and Instructional Videos about Risks Benefits and Alternatives for NICU, Mom and Baby, Delivery and More

Upload consent or disclosure videos

Write a script to create white board medical education videos for NICU and Mom Baby Videos

Write a script and work with our team to make Animated WhiteBoards?

Examples Available Include:​

  • How to Give a Bath

  • How to Breast Feed

  • GTube Feeding

  • How to Bottle Feed

  • How to Calm a Baby

  • Swaddling

  • Different ways to Burp

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