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Stop. Start. Continue.

A Reconciliation of the Pharmacy Industry Podcast

John McMillen and Julie Soukup Host

Welcome to "Stop Start Continue: A Reconciliation of the Pharmacy Industry," sponsored by Medical Memory. In each episode, we'll chat with top pharmacy thinkers to discuss what needs to change, what needs to start, and what best practices should continue in the industry. Our guests include industry leaders from all practice sites, regulatory experts, and patient safety advocates. We'll uncover what is propelling pharmacy forward and what obstacles are preventing further progress. Join us on this informative journey.

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Dr. Al Carter, Executive Director of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, discussed what needs to stop, start, and continue in pharmacy.

For stopping, he said negative advocacy against pharmacy as a career needs to end, as it risks worsening workforce shortages. To start, more needs to be done to educate the public on pharmacists' extensive clinical capabilities and role in healthcare teams. For continuing, pharmacists should keep stepping up during public health crises by providing services like vaccinations and testing. Their accessibility makes pharmacies vital partners.

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Value of Video in Pharmacy


Inform Medication Videos to Empower Nurses To Educate Patients. 


Increase Capture Rate and Reap the Financial Benefits of More Fills


Strengthen Patient Adherence and Understanding about their Medication

Sending Patient Medication Videos and Recording Meds to Beds can have huge financial benefits for hospital and outpatient pharmacies.  Medication Videos increase patient adherence and increase first fill percentages

Financial Benefits?

Our new value calculator estimates the financial benefit to your facility from an increase in capture rate for your meds-to-beds program.  

Don't have a meds-to-beds program?

We can estimate the margin you are missing out on. 

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Pharmacy and
Patient Adherence 

What Should We Record?

Best Practice Tip! 

Our team can help you create an easy script or checklist for your team to follow on every recorded video.  

Example Script for Video Recording Pharmacy Discharge Instructions

Discuss using one of our Libraries

Examples Available Include:​

  • Chemotherapy

  • Pain

  • Antiemetic

  • Intestinal

  • Cardiovascular

  • Inflammation

  • Infection

  • Diuretic

  • Anesthesia 

Pharmacists Using Smart Phone to Record Pharmacy Discharge Instructions
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