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Pharmacy and Specialty Pharmacy
Video Education

Streamline medication education specific to the patients prescribed


These videos cover the purposes and side effects of different medication types to ensure the patient understands the information.  In addition, patients can share these with their family or care team so that everyone is educated and on the same page.  


By utilizing these videos, healthcare providers can effectively manage risk, optimize time, and guarantee patient comprehension and satisfaction.

Pharmacy and Medication Education Videos

  • Information from the Director of Pharmacy

  • Cardiovascular Medication

  • Infection Medication

  • Injection (How to Give)  

  • Inflammation Medication

  • Opioids Medication 

  • Self-Care After Chemotherapy

  • Information from the Director of Pharmacy (Spanish) 

Want to Customize Your Videos

Let us know how you're looking at customizing your own Inform Education Videos.

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