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John McMillen, Pharmacy rep for The Medical Memory, our HIPAA Compliant App

Learn How to Leverage Video in the Pharmacy

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John McMillen
Pharmacy Consultant

Team up with John to leverage video within the Pharmacy.

Improve patient adherence

Strengthen patient experience scores (HCHAPS)

Increase profits via patient education! 

*Meds to Beds Programs *Outpatient Pharmacy *Hospital Pharmacies *Specialty Pharmacies*HUB and Distribution    

Value of Video in Pharmacy


Inform Medication Videos to Empower Nurses To Educate Patients. 


Increase Capture Rate and Reap the Financial Benefits of More Fills


Strengthen Patient Adherence and Understanding about their Medication

Sending Patient Medication Videos and Recording Meds to Beds can have huge financial benefits for hospital and outpatient pharmacies.  Medication Videos increase patient adherence and increase first fill percentages

Financial Benefits?

Our new value calculator estimates the financial benefit to your facility from an increase in capture rate for your meds-to-beds program.  

Don't have a meds-to-beds program?

We can estimate the margin you are missing out on. 

Pharmacy Medication Use Case

Video Medication Information and Send to Patients to Increase HCAHPS and Reduce Readmission and improve Medication Adherence


Patient or Family Downloads Medical Memory.

Receive Immediate Information from your Pharmacy.

Record Medication Discharge and Record Meds to Beds to Increase HCHAPS Scores and Save Time for your Pharmacists


Patients Review Meds to Beds Videos from Pharmacy or Inform Medication Videos


Record remote Meds to Beds Conversation to save your pharmcists time and stop repeating the instructions


Record Discharge or Meds to Beds Specific Instructions

Patient Rewatch and Review

Creating your own Medication Content

Record Live Medication Discharge Instructions and Send to Patients to score Higher on Medication HCAHPS Questions

Record Videos Live to share with multiple patients

Create and upload Powerpoint videos to your Medical Memory and send to multiple patients to increase HCAHPS and Increase Patient Adherence

Upload Powerpoints with voiceover or other Videos via Medical Memory

Create Medication Vidoes for your Nurses to Send from the Pharmacy to Ensure Proper Pharmacy Education

Upload consent or disclosure videos

Prerecorded Medication Videos are available for Pharmacists and Outpatient Pharmacies to Use to Educate Patients and Increase First Fill Rates

Write a script and work with our team to make

Animated WhiteBoards

Discuss using one of our Libraries

Examples Available Include:​

  • Chemotherapy

  • Pain

  • Antiemetic

  • Intestinal

  • Cardiovascular

  • Inflammation

  • Infection

  • Diuretic

  • Anesthesia 

Pharmacist using Medical Memory, HIPAA Compliant App to Record their Patients Medication Reconcilliation

What Should We Record?

Best Practice Tip! 

Our team can help you create an easy script or checklist for your team to follow on every recorded video.  

Discharge Script for recording medication discharge instructions
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